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Stepper motor power stage with a powerful processor

Die Schrittmotorendstufe iPM 206 verfügt über einen leisungsfähigen 32-Bit-Prozessor
Die Schrittmotorendstufe iPM 206 verstärkt die Signale einer Schrittmotorsteuerung mit Puls- und Richtungssignal an 2-Phasen-Schrittmotoren.

The stepper motor power stage iPM 206 serves as amplifier between the controller and the 24-V stepper motor. It is compatible with all controllers with pulse and direction signal and it is suited for 2-phase stepper motors with a rated current of up to 6 A. The motor phase current is adjustable between 0 A and 6 A by means of a 16-level coded rotary switch.

The iPM 206 is equipped with a powerful 32-bit processor. This offers a large dynamical range for the control of both current and rotational speed. Utilising the DDS procedure (Direct Digital Synthesis) combined with a PLL (Phase Locked Loop) allows microsteps to be created depending on the selected number of steps. This ensures significantly quieter motor operation at a lower stepping frequency range. The maximum number of steps is 16,000 steps/revolution; the theoretical positioning precision thus is 0.0225 degree.

Product features

  • Controlling 2-phase bipolar stepper motors
  • High resolution due to microstepping, even at low frequencies there is no “motor growling”
  • 200 to 16,000 steps/revolution, adjustable in 8 levels
  • Digital input to switch between two pre-selected numbers of steps  
  • Pulse and directional inputs for motor operation
  • Enable-input to activate electronics
  • Gate input for pulse signal
  • Ready signal at relay contact
  • Motor phase current adjustable in 16 levels
  • Current is reduced by 50 % when the motor is not running
  • Monitoring and display of: Overvoltage and undervoltage, maximum current and operating temperature

Pin assignment of the stepper motor power stage iPM 206

Pin assignment of the stepper motor power stage iPM 206
The schematic diagram shows the pin assignment of the stepper motor power stage iPM 206. It is used between a stepper motor controller sending a pulse and direction signal and a 2-phase stepper motor.

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Data sheet for stepper motor power stage iPM 206 for 2-phase stepper motors

You will find all technical information on the iPM 206, Systec’s power stage for stepper motors, in the data sheet.

Fields of application

The amplifier iPM 206 can be used for all applications working with stepper motor controllers with pulse and direction signals.

  • Plotters, milling and engraving machines
  • Laser, water jet and plasma cutting portals with high-speed and high-precision continuous path interpolation
  • Cutting plotters with tangential control
  • Handling systems, automatic packaging or palletizing machines
  • Gluing, dosing or filling systems
  • Drilling machine tables with high-precision positioning