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Xemo R/S: the compact controllers for stepper motors

  • Stepper motor controller Xemo R in the 19-inch rackmount housing
  • Thanks to numerous interfaces, Xemo S and R are versatile positioning controllers for stepper motors
  • Compact controller Xemo S for stepper motors

Xemo R and S are compact controllers for independently positioning up to four axes. Power stages for four 2/4-phase stepper motors are built in with four, six or eight connection leads.

  • Microstep resolution is programmable from 200 to 10,000 steps/rotation per motor.
  • Newly equipped with advanced power electronics iPM550
  • Full digital control for 2 phase stepper motors
  • 8 freely programmable light emitting diodes on the front of the unit, additional LEDs for status display.
  • 256 kilobits FeRAM for permanent storage of positions and processes (rewritable up to 1 billion times)
  • Integrated output for holding brakes
  • Encoder input
  • Integrated real time clock for time-controlled operating steps and fault analyses
    All connections are plug connectors. There is no need for additional connecting work.
  • Software equipment: Programming environment MotionBasic IDE including open programming examples, Windows DLL providing access for MotionBasic to high level programming languages, Xemo!GO operating and diagnostic software.
  • Optional: Configuration of the CANopen interface for the integration of external axes with additional power stages without additional axial control
Xemo R: The stepper motor controller in the 19-inch housing is particularly suited for machines which have to be operated directly through the controller

Xemo R:
To operate the machine directly by means of the controller

The stepper motor controller Xemo R with its enclosed 19-inch table housing is particularly suited for machines which have to be operated through the controller exclusively or where the controller is to be integrated into an existing 19-inch system. All operational controls are easily accessible and located on the front of the unit.

  • Overall height: 4 PU (177.8 mm)
  • Power supply: power voltage in the range between 85 VAC and 265 VAC
  • Optional equipment: display, keyboard, hand wheel, override potentiometer
Xemo S is a controller with small dimensions which can be used for controlling up to four stepper motor axes

Xemo S:
compact and easily wall mountable

The compact controller Xemo S is characterized by its small dimensions. In terms of performance, it compares in every way to the Xemo R controller. With the Xemo S, Systec has dispensed with almost all operational controls. There are only a few light emitting diodes indicating the “inner” status of the compact controller.  

  • Power supply: depending on the type of motor, 24 or 48 VDC

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