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Xemo M: control module for up to four axes

  • Use RS232 to connect Xemo M to your computer and to program the controller
  • A glance at the interfaces of the Xemo M controller
  • There are numerous interfaces available, such as USB and RS232 interfaces and CANopen.

Xemo M is a Xemo control module for drive and positioning systems which are driven by servo motors or any other motor types. Xemo M is a system component and uses the CANopen protocol to communicate with other control components such as power stages, sensors and actuators.

This concept allows for very flexible automation solutions. The choice of motors is almost unlimited as to type and power and the use of digital and analog I/Os can be customized exactly to your application. 

The axial control can be used to control up to four power stages. If several control modules are used, it is possible to control yet further axes.

To program the control module Xemo M for stepper and servo motors, connect it via USB to your PC.

Flexibility is the key

Small dimensions and many interfaces: The control module Xemo M is the ideal choice if you want to design an axial system with servo, linear or stepper motors and if you want to integrate the controller with power components of other systems into a switch cabinet.  Connect Xemo M at 24 V DC.  Point-to-point control is standard equipment. There are further technological options available to you. As with all Xemo controllers, online, offline and mixed operation is possible. 

Interfaces: RS232-, USB- and CANopen


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