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Xemo E: controller for servo motors in a 19-inch housing

  • Xemo E is Systec’s compact controller for servo motors.  It also includes the appropriate amplifiers.
  • Numerous interfaces allow you to communicate easily with other systems

Xemo E is a compact controller for servo motors.  In engineering this model, Systec has succeeded in developing a ground-breaking controller. Because it is the first model integrating control electronics and power stages in a 19-inch housing. There is no need for a switch cabinet.

The newly developed compact controller for servo motors offers you all the features that you are used to from Systec's control technology: State-of-the-art motion control equipment, drive control and PLC functions in one unit, programming by means of the convenient MotionBasic-IDE or by use of Windows-DLL in a high-level language, online and offline operation, a virtual instrument for LabView, CANOpen, USB and RS232 interfaces etc.

Mit Xemo E steuern Sie bis zu vier Achsen mit Servomotoren

The choice is yours:
Equipped with or without operational controls

You can, if you prefer, operate your Xemo E directly at the unit. In this case, you choose the model with a control panel, freely definable function keys and line display on the front of the unit. Or choose a controller without operational controls and operate by a PC in online or offline mode connected via USB or RS232.

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