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Alle Xemo-Steuerungen für Schrittmotoren und Servomotoren verfügen über einen modernen ARM-Cortex-M4-Prozessor

Modern stepper motor controllers really set a pace

Xemo stepper motor controllers up the pace. The centrepiece of every Xemo R and Xemo S controller as well as of the control module Xemo Step is an ARM-Cortex-M4 processor with two cores each of 204 megahertz. High processing speed is guaranteed: One processor core is used for processing MotionBasic commands while the other is used for motor control.

Ein ARM-Cortex-M4-Prozessor ist Herzstück der Schrittmotorsteuerungen von Systec

Xemo-Schrittmotorsteuerungen verfügen jetzt über eine Ethernet-Schnittstelle

Xemo also sets standards with networking options and memory capacity:

  • 264 kB S-RAM, 64 kB ROM and 1 MB internal flash memory
  • 100,000 times rewritable
  • 8 MB SD-RAM with 64 k for user data and user programmes respectively
  • 23 kB for runtime data
  • Two independent CAN interfaces at field level
  • In addition to USB 2.0 and RS232, Ethernet interface

Material with further information which may interest you:

Kompaktsteuerungen, Schaltschrankmodule, Panelsteuerungen. Bei Systec finden Sie Positioniersteuerungen für Schrittmotoren, Servomotoren und Linearmotoren

Wide range of technological options

You will be amazed to see the technical challenges which you can solve by using Xemo motion controllers just "out of the box" only.  You certainly won’t find this range of technological options with other manufacturers.

  • Constant path velocity
  • Linear and circular interpolation (2D and 3D)
  • Look-ahead feature for ideal velocity plot
  • Path-synchronous analog signal (for laser power control)
  • Path-synchronous setting and resetting of outputs (cam switch)
  • Path-synchronously controllable motor (e.g. metering pump)
  • Multiple coordinate systems
  • Referencing functions
  • Change of axis
  • Synchronized axes
  • Electronic drive
  • Cross cutter/Rotating blade
  • Flying cut/Flying saw
  • H-portal and gantry function
  • Dynamic coupling and coupling out of axes on a master axis

Flexible online/offline mode

No matter whether you have to work with frequently changing control parameters or whether you have to control production processes with motion parameters which remain unchanged:  Xemo controllers can be operated in online mode, offline or mixed mode.

In full stand-alone offline operation, the controller actuates motion procedures or functions based on digital inputs or operational terminal inputs resident in the flash memory of the controller. The function keys on the controller enable external access.

If operated online, the Xemo receives commands via a superordinate controller or a PC which is connected via USB or the serial interface. Newer versions also allow for direct contour control of milling, laser engraving procedures etc. by directly importing HPGL files from a PC.

The online mode will enable you to stay ahead of frequently changing procedures. It is particularly in laboratories and for quality control purposes that you can use LabView-VI or also higher-level languages such as C, C++ or Visual Basic for Applications to communicate parameters to the Xemo controller.  Control routines and loading of parameters are managed via the PC.

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Das Schrittmotorsteuerungsmodul Xemo Step ist kompatibel mit vielen Leistungselektroniken

State-of-the-art control module

The stepper motor controller Xemo Step is designed as plug-in module for 19-inch racks. It is compatible with all stepper motor power stages used previously with MCM Step.


CNC machining with Xemo

Windows-Software Xemo NC für Kleben, Schneiden, Schweißen, Fräsen und viele weitere Anwendungen

The Windows software Xemo NC is the ideal solution for you if you wish to combine NC programming with the convenient programming of MotionBasic. Your Xemo controller transforms into a fully valid CNC machining centre. You can control NC blocks and tools using an intuitive user interface. You can set up more complex additional functions with MotionBasic and integrate them into Xemo NC.


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