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MCM: Control modules for stepper and servo motors

With the MCM product line the Systec GmbH early has caused innovations in the sector of motion control. MCM are control modules for the flexible control of up to six stepper motor axes or for up to three servo motor axes or hydraulic cylinders.

The Systec GmbH suggests the use of Xemo Motion-Control for actual and new projects. Xemo - that is up-to-date electrifying control technology by Systec!

Tips and tricks about MCM Step and MCM-Servo can be found in our  comprehensive MCM knowledge base.
We also offer you our PDF information material about MCM, which we have archived for you. They can be found at the MCM Download page.

MCM Step: Point-to-point and path control for stepper motors

MCM Steo 420With the stepper motor controllers of the MCM Step series you can control complex and easy applications with up to six axes. The types 110, 210, 310 and 610 provide path control. With the extended controller MCM Step x12 three stepper motor axes with 2D and 3D circular interpolation are steerable. MCM Step x20 is equipped with functions like tangential steering, axial exchange etc.

MCM Step's product characteristics are:

  • 4 stepper motor axes can be triggered. Moreover 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs are available. Additional  8 to 16 digital in and outputs can be configured either as inputs or outputs. The number of free inputs and outputs depends on the number of axes used.
  • The MCM Step type x12 and x20 have an analog output and an incremental encoder input in addition.
  • All of the in and outputs are freely programmable and can be retrieved and set with the help of certain commands. Thus a limit switch can be read or a milling motor be enabled.
  • Not only on the front but also on the connector on the back a serial interface is accessible.

MCM Servo: Dynamic high quality modules for servo motors

MCM Servo 320The servo motor controller MCM-Servo 220 and MCM-Servo 320 are high class positioning and path controllers, dynamic and in the form of 3HE/-12TE big 19" modules. With MCM servo up to three servo axes can be position-controlled. By connecting several modules more than three axes can be controlled coordinately. Per axis there is one analog magnitude output and one incremental encoder available. An additional analog output provides further functionality. Morover there are 8 freely programmable digital inputs and 8 outputs available. The amplification can be programmed dependig on direction. For the position measurement incremental encoders with 90°-phase-shifted signals can be applied as well as absolute encoders with SSI interface. The number of inputs and outputs can be increased with the "intelligent clamp" IO+ via CAN-bus. The technical integration is transparent in MotionBasic via RS232 interface.

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