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Einfach CNC-Appliaktion programmieren und ausführen mit der Software Xemo NC für Xemo-Steuerungen

Milling, welding, grinding, cutting, gluing: Conveniently controlling NC applications with Xemo NC

You would like to turn your stepper motor or servomotor axes into CNC machining centres? You design contours with a CAD/CAM solution, export them in G-code and are now thinking about a convenient, clearly structured and easily operated Windows software?

Is Xemo NC the suitable NC solution for me? We would be glad to assist you!

You ask yourself also whether Xemo NC is the suitable solution for your application? We would be glad to advise you. Simply call our application expert Martin Mußmann! He will provide you with comprehensive information and useful tips as to how you can make optimum utilization of Xemo NC and Xemo controllers for your application.

Dipl.-Ing- Martin Mußmann, phone: +49 2534 8001-150, m.mussmann@systec.de

Xemo NC is the graphically oriented, ergonomic Windows software for controlling complex CNC applications via the PC as well. Using Xemo NC, a Xemo controller by Systec GmbH and a gantry robot or linear units in console design, you can set up your CNC machining centre at a much lower cost than with NC standard solutions.

Mit der Windows-Software Xemo NC verwandeln Sie Ihre Xemo-Steuerung in ein CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum 

Mastering the motion system at any time

Xemo NC processes G-code which you have set up straightforwardly with your CAD/CAM software previously. Using convenient program functions, you can process G-code blocks and execute them in single block or automatic operation. You can correct the feed and rotational speed via override function. You can also use the software to retrieve machine-specific information which was defined as PLC requirements during start-up.

Intuitive use at a glance

Xemo NC manages without any nested menus, dialogue windows and different screen pages. With a few function keys you can access functions in the four operating modes machine set-up mode, processing mode, tool set-up mode and automatic mode. Manually moving the axes, tool management, zero point changes etc.:  Using Xemo NC, you master your NC application intuitively.

Particularly strong in network operation

Xemo NC reveals its strength particularly in network operation. NC programs, tool tables and zero point lists can be easily exchanged by means of a network server via the network interface. A computer can serve as the central computer in the network and can control a number of machines connected in star-format. Of course, the data can be imported into Xemo NC via CD-ROMs, disks or memory sticks.

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Laden Sie sich das Xemo-NC-Datenblatt herunter

Download the

Using Xemo NC, CNC applications with your linear units with Xemo motion control systems are as easy. You will find all information on the Windows software in the datasheet.

[Download datasheet]

Easy Teach-In with Xemo NC

 Teach-In einer Klebekontur mit der Windows-Software Xemo NC

Using Xemo NC, it's very easy to detect the target positions of your linear systems. Once detected, you include the co-ordinates in your NC code. A tutorial for this procedure can be found in the Systec-Blog.