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Using the graphical programming environment LabVIEW you take profit in programming your application with pre-defined Virtual Instruments

LabView: Ease of access programming

An outstanding feature of Xemo is the fact that you can set up the control via LabView. The “virtual instrument” (VI) for LabView included in the delivery as standard provides for this. Xemo enables you to send the G-code generated by LabView to the Xemo controller by means of your Windows PC via the USB or RS232 interface. Systec supplies appropriate DLL files so that you can use LabView as of version 6.3 for Xemo. Systec provides for the technical programming link to Xemo through Xemo-Sub-VIs.

In this way, you can define programme procedures in the block diagrams typical of LabView. As LabView already includes comprehensive function libraries for data analysis and mathematics and as the software can easily activate additional external devices and functions of the system, it makes life considerably easier particularly for users of measurement technology.

Using MotionBasic, you can very easily transfer contours from DXF files to the programming of your controller

Transfer DXF data

The contour data transfer tool is an entirely new technical development specifically for MotionBasic 6. Reaching version 6.5, it was anew advanced. This tool allows you to import and also edit DXF files. DXF data is simply integrated into the coding of a project. The contour transfer tool converts the DXF files into a format suited for the compiler and the firmware in the controllers. This feature offers special advantages for applications where larger volumes of identical components are to be processed.

A tool within the contour transfer process allows the display of the various DXF levels on the screen. This is where you can change or adjust the starting point, the scaling and the direction of the contour to be traversed. Then it is only a call up which is started in the programme code and which executes the coding. Now individual sections of the contour can be edited again to set points of action or to set contour-appropriate outputs.

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