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Stud welding automation with cnc machines from Systec GmbH

Control and software, ideally suited to stud welding

The powerful Xemo controller of Systec runs every stud welding machine. Depending on machine size we equip the systems with a stepper or servo motor control.

  • The series Z and T come with integrated compact controller and control elements on the device
  • Cabinet control with operating possibility via PC or touch panel
  • Integration of all peripheral devices in a unified control environment
  • Easy programming with intuitive development environment Motion Basic IDE

Customized software concepts for all applications

For operating of your stud welding automation Systec offers you fully scalable software concepts.

Beispiel für die Programmierung von Bolzenschweiß-Parametern mit einer Excel-Tabelle

Even in the simplest software variant you can manage different stud welding positions and parameter sets on a personal computer. Positions to be welded you can easily type in an Excel spreadsheet and download them via USB interface to the controller.

In normal production the operator of the stud welding machine only selects a preset program number on the keypad of Xemo controller via a function key, and the welding porocess starts all by itself.

50 different pre-defined programs and more can easily be deposited in the controller, any program can basically stand for another workpiece. Zero point shifts for these programs can easily be accomplished e.g. for stud welds on several similar, adjacent workpieces. Using "manual mode" positions can be moved manually and therefore the coordinates be determined.

Die Software i3stud zum Bolzenschweißen bedienen Sie bequem am Touch-Panel

Full comfort with Windows software i3stud

Top choice: Each stud welding system is available with the Windows software i3stud. Used once you will not want to miss the intuitive control center, optimized for touchscreen.

i3stud is the co-ordination center of the stud welding automation. Beyond the simple management of the position parameter, you then have access to all important device functions. Define welding currents or release ground clamps or lower the stud feeders and much more.

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