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FDM/FFF 3d printer inv3nt xtra L for large scale components

Technical data for the model xtra L

Inv3nt xtra L: compact FFF/FDM 3D printer for large printing objects, optimized for industrial 3D printing tasks. The ideal printer for rapid prototyping, sample and small series production.


1292 x 1168 x 1755 mm
(1092 x 1092 x 1755 mm, excluding extra devices, handles and hinges)

Working area:

625 x 625 x 625 mm


1 BQ Heat Core unibody, nozzle: 0.8 mm; Temperature detection: Systec 2PWM530 and TSIC306. Expandable up to four extruders.

Positioning system:

Dual-axis linear system 40 mm aluminum profiles in H-gantry design with retractable base plate. Driven by carbon enforced timing belt and stepping motors


H-Kinematik: 0.5 m/s , Basisplatte: 0.04 m/s

Printing velocity:

varies according to the printing quality and the used filaments


H-Portal: 0.1 mm

Temperature control:

Hotend temperature detection: Systec 2PWM530 and TSIC306
Printing cabin: heated, ventilated, 1000 W, temperature control PID: Systec 2PWM530 and TSIC306.

Base plate

Aluminum, 790 x 810 x 15 mm, with PID controlled heater (Systec 2PWM530 and TSIC306)

Printing technology

FDM/FFF, suitable for all commercially available filaments

Nozzle temperature

223 °C (PLA) / 245 °C (ABS)

Base plate temperature

65 °C (PLA) / 110 °C (ABS)

Motion control system:

Motion Control System Xemo R for three axes; drives for 2-phase stepper motors, Technology package: CNC / trajectory control; Pro-cessor: NXP Cortex M4; Memory 64 K user data and 64 K programs

Power supply:

85 – 265 V AC; 50 – 60 Hz


USB 2.0, TCP/IP, RS232

Errors and technical modification subject to change
Systec inv3nt xtra L: FFF/FDM 3d printer for large scale components

Big software package included

Xemo NC is a Windows software for NC programming tasksDevice software Xemo NC

  • Optimized for machine operation
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Additional functionality for 3d printing (Temperature regulation, extruder control)

Slicer Software

  • Processing of any STL files (e.g. CAD data exports)
  • Creation of layer and supporting structure models from STL data
  • G-code export
  • use of graphics acceleration, hence high processing speed

Inexpensive 3D printing with commercial filaments

Additive FFF/FDM Manufacturing is inexpensive and flexible. All commercially available PLA und ABS filaments are processed as well as other materials such as Nylon, Laywood, PET or thermoplastic Elastomers. 

Up to four extruders can be used for multicolored prints or support structures can be made of other materials. The 3D printer concept guarantees excellent surface quality.

The temperature regulated enclosure plus the separately heated base plate prevents the so called "warp effect".

The following table presents an overview of the material quality of PLA and ABS filaments of different manufacturers.


Fila-A-Gehr PLA

Fillamentum PLA extrafill

Fil-A-Gehr ABS

Stock units

coil of 1 kg and 2.3 kg


coil of 1 kg and 2.3 kg


Black, blue, red, green, yellow, white, transparent

natural, black,color spectrum according to the offer

Black, blue, red, green, yellow, white, transparent


1.75 or 2.85 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)

1.75 or 2.85 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)

1.75 or 2.85 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)

Heat resistance

up to about 60 °C 

ca. 45 °C

94  °C

Melting point (ISO 294)

154 °C


230 to 260 °C

Tensile strength (ISO 527)

39 bis 49 MPa

53 MPa

20.5 bis 24.5 MPa

Notched impact strength (IZOD)



15 kJ/m2


1.24 g/cm3

1.24 g/cm3

1.05 g/cm3

Additional helpful information on the quality of other filaments is provided at the following German Web sources:

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