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inv3nt - FFF/FDM-3D-Drucker für große Teile von Systec

Easily print bigger objects with Systec's industrial FFF/FDM 3d printer

Re-invet your industrial production with inv3nt. inv3nt is the concept for cost-efficient FFF/FDM 3D printer for industrial applications. Simply print large-scale components (up to 3000 x 3000 x 1500 millimeters) with this efficient and flexible 3D printing solution. Systec GmbH is also your development partner for complete, tailor made 3D printers fitting all your needs.

Systec inv3nt's scope of supply includes a software package with unique features. Systec inv3nt is shipped with the Windows CNC software Xemo NC specially optimized for machine operation. A sclicer software is include, too. It automatically calculates the needed layer and support structures. The slicer data could be exported to G-Code and then be imported to Xemo NC.

Systec services for FDM/FFF 3D printers for industrial applications

Longtime experts invented Systec inv3nt in close cooperation. Profiting from this expertise, or customers gain the maximum benefit for a very reasonable prize. Bahr Modultechnik GmbH contributed the enclosure and the positoning systems. Systec GmbH took part in all aspects of machine construction, mechatronis and motion control. 

With inv3nt, profit from faster, more reasonable and more flexible production in the following areas, among others:

  • Rapid Prototyping,
  • sample and small series production,
  • special applications.

Carbon-Zahnriehmen sind besonders wärmebeständig

Der Extruder ist extra isoliert

Die Basisplatte wird unter dem zweiachsigen Linearsystem abgesenkt

3 photos above used courtesy of Bahr Modultechnik GmbH

Out of the box components that make the difference

Systec's engineering experts are best known for the run-ready positioning systems DriveSets and the powerful Xemo Motion Control System. All these products were integrated in the inv3nt 3D printing platform, combined with a heated printing cabin and an enclosure of rigid aluminium profiles and insulation glass. All this is refined with fitting high quality printing technology.

With Systec'S 3D printing concepts expand your possibilities. In close co-operation we invent individual 3D printing solutions solutions for large-scale objects up to 3000 x 3000 x 1500 millimeters.

Perfect printing quality in all dimensions

Systec inv3nt is the right choice for perfect printing quality even for very big objects. In many cases you don't have to touch up the surfaces. Aided by the included slicer you prepare your 3D data. The layer and support structures are automatically calculated.

Click on the image and start the animation.

The saurian in the animation above was the highlight of our Hanover Industrial Fair-presentation. Click on the image to start the rotation and enjoy the object's outstanding surface quality. By clicking and moving the mouse left and right you rotate the object by hand.

That animation was created with Systec's photography rotary table FD360. Learn more about that product on the FD 360 Homepage.

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Erhalten Sie Informationen zu den Positioniersystemen und Motion-Control-Produkten unter der Nummer systec de


inv3nt 3D-Drucker Deltaprinter und F666

Datasheet Download

Technical Data for inv3nt 3D printers could be found in the datasheets.

Which filemant to choose?

Systec inv3nt is an open platform for printing with thermoplastic filaments. But which filament is the best to use with inv3nt 3D printers? Systec product developer Jochen Keuschnig discusses some filament questions in an article in German language published in the Systec Blog.

[learn more]

Powerful and user-friendly: Data editing and process control using the device software

Enjoy the unique features of Xemo NC. Each inv3nt 3D printer is shipped with the Windows CNC software, specially designed for machine operators and with enhanced 3D printing functionality. Quickly edit your printing data and keep a firm hand on all printing processes.