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Integrate the stand-alone Xemo S into a switch cabinet and access it by means of a PC.

Xemo R and S: compact controllers for stepper motors

Xemo R and Xemo S are compact controllers for stepper motors. Integrate the stand-alone Xemo S into a switch cabinet and access it by means of a PC. Or experience the convenience of the Xemo R in a 19-inch rackmount housing. The Xemo R can be operated by keyboard, the function keys or directly by means of the display of the unit.

You can use Xemo M to control up to four axes driven by servo motors. Simply integrate the control module into your switch cabinet, adding some power stages.

Xemo M: the control module for servo motors

Xemo M is the convenient control module for axial systems driven by servo motors. Integrate Xemo M into your switch cabinet, adding up to four amplifiers, and use the CANopen interface to communicate with the controller. 

Xemo M ist ein Steuerungsmodul für Servomotoren zur Integration in einen Schaltschrank   more information

Xemo B is a panel controller for servo motor systems to be integrated into a switch cabinet

Xemo B: panel controller for servo motors

Ease and practicality for your switch cabinet unit: Simply build the control panel of the Xemo B controller into the switch cabinet’s door and connect the power stages for the servo motors. And there and then you have the ease and practicality of Xemo available to you. 

The compact controller Xemo E in the 19-inch rack can be used to control up to four servo motor axes

Xemo E: servo motor controller with power stage

The 19-inch compact controller Xemo E can be used to control axial systems with up to four servo motors. Special feature: Systec's development engineers have successfully integrated the power stages into the rack.  For you this means: Simply connect the axial drives of your positioning system to the controller and away you go.

Ideal solution for OEM customers: The control boards of the XemoLab series are individually manufactured for customers by Systec.

XemoLab: tailor-made control boards

This is exactly what you need: With its control board XemoLab, Systec offers you the ideal platform for an OEM controller. We provide the customized Xemo board with exactly those features that you need. Even the shape can be customized according to your preferences.

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These are the Systec controller modules for stepper and servo motors. You will find more details here.

MCM-Control modules

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