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Branches and areas of application for Systec products

The Systec GmbH's products can be used everywhere you want to automate technical processes. In more than 20 years of practical experience the Systec GmbH has become one of the leading automation specialists. Our personal and co-operative relationship with our customers has already led to countless innovative automation solutions. At this page we offer you some examples of solutions we realized in the past years.

At Systec's YouTube channel, we offer many videos showing practical application solutions with our linear units and motion control systems.

Handling, Pick and Place

  • Toolmaking: Insertion and extraction of turned parts in lathes
  • Injection moulding: Extraction of plastic parts from injection moulding machines
  • Metal processing: Insertion and extraction of shear blades in grinding machines
  • Concrete parts production: Insertion and extraction of components in devices
  • Electronic image processing: Positioning measuring objects under a camera system

Material processing, cutting, milling

  • Label printing: Cutting foils with cutting blades that are freely trailed or tangentially led via rotation axis
  • Plastics processing: Cutting of plexiglass panels with laser beam or water jet
  • Apparel industry: Cutting of heavy woollen fabrics with freely trailed cutting blades or by tangentially led heavy duty shears
  • Air conditioning: Cutting of thin sheets with tangentially led motor-driven heavy duty shears
  • Processing of natual stone: Cutting of slabs for facades with water jet and abrasive substance
  • Metal processing: Cutting of sheets and metal plates with plasma torch or laser beam
  • Sanitary industry: Sandblasts to put ornaments and other decoration on shower cubicles, etc.
  • Automotive: Sandblasting and surface machining of hardtop roofs
  • Conveyor technology: Bonding rubber parts on conveyers

Bonding, dosing, joining technology

  • Automotive: Bonding of truck mirrors, door handles and insulation panel
  • Eye-glass industry: Agglutinate lenses in ski glasses
  • Packaging industry: Agglutinate multi-part chocolate boxes
  • Pastics processing industry: Drilling bore holes for applying handles on plastic containers
  • Metal processing: Moving of a stud welder

Product labelling

  • Food industry: Imprint of best-before dates on food packages
  • Food industry: Imprint of food waffles
  • Power engineering: Applying check codes in a production plant for foil batteries
  • Rubber processing: Marking rubberized assembly lines
  • Metal processing: Marking of bent pipelines

Visit our portal www.kennzeichnungspartner.de. Here you will find information about our special uniaxially "Print-DiveSet" M125L.

Quality control, measuring and testing

  • Automotive: Surface analysis of engine components
  • Automotive: Testing of communication electronic devices
  • Automotive: Calibration of sensors

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